Protiviti, global consulting firm, envisions a future where gender parity is not merely a goal but a resounding commitment, guided by the unwavering belief that a balanced and equitable future is within our reach as we navigate the path to inclusivity.

In pursuing gender parity, Protiviti’s commitment is brought to life through concrete actions and cultural shifts led by Garran Duncan, managing director and former country market lead at Protiviti Australia. Over the past five years, the leadership team at Protiviti has been instrumental in championing initiatives that actively support and empower women. Some of the changes are:

  1. Cultivating a culture of gender equity: This involves more than just policy changes; it’s about having open discussions at forums like town halls and setting transparent targets. Leaders prioritise inclusivity by engaging with everyone, not just a select group. Recently, both Protiviti and Garran were honoured as finalists by Business in Heels, Recalibrate Gender Equity Awards, acknowledging our commitment to workplace equity.

Tag: Managing director and former country market lead, Garran Duncan along with other finalists at the Business in Heels, Recalibrate Gender Equity Awards. 

2. Empowering women in leadership: Striving for balanced gender representation, we’re working towards achieving a 50/50 ratio in managing director and director leadership roles at Protiviti. We’ve made significant strides, –and Garran recently appointed outstanding managing director Lauren Brown to take on his role as country market lead. We’ve also proudly announced the promotion of four deserving directors to take effect from 2024, Anastasia Terescenco, Archana Yallajosula, Tanya Barter and Victoria McGlade.

  1. Extending values beyond work: Garran’s always supported our commitment beyond work by creating the first girls’ cricket team at Camberwell Magpies Cricket Club. It’s about including everyone, not just at the office. Protiviti proudly sponsors this initiative, aiming for a 50% balance of female players in the club. We believe in making a difference, both on and off the field.

Chantelle, Protiviti’s HR manager, highlights that the success of policy changes is rooted in senior leaders’ passion. Our commitment to a positive work culture, fostering gender equity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity, is evident. Driving us through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey is Ghislaine Entwisle alongside our women’s network lead Gabriella Soares, whose consistent engagement is crucial.

“I often ensure that I’m regularly championing values that I live by, both within and outside the workplace, often drawing upon analogies from the world of cricket (my favourite sport!) to demonstrate how a diverse and collaborative team leads to triumph. Notably, I’ve applied this philosophy beyond the office by championing a new girls’ cricket team, while working to establish a women’s senior premier program – cricket. I recognise that empowering women is not confined to the workplace or boardrooms; it extends into the fabric of society itself.”, shares Garran.

Protiviti team

Tag: Managing director and former country market lead, Garran Duncan, along with Chantelle Salas (left), HR manager at Protiviti Australia, and technology lead and managing director, Ghislaine Entwisle (right) 

One common challenge on your journey could be avoiding long-term goals as you chase short-term goals for your organisation. But, in those times, it’s good to remember that true empowerment is not a fleeting endeavor but an enduring commitment that requires resilience.

Garran further shares that one of his proudest accomplishments has been the opportunity to promote women to key leadership positions within Protiviti. Current market lead Lauren Brown shares, “Empowering women in leadership isn’t just about equality; it’s about unlocking diverse perspectives and driving innovation. I’m proud to be a part of such an organisation where we’re working towards gender balance in senior roles, as this ensures a richer, more inclusive future for us all.”

To conclude, we’d just say that as we continue fostering inclusivity, advocating for equity, and inspiring change, our commitment extends beyond corporate walls, leaving an indelible mark on Protiviti and echoing a call for societal progress.

Find out more about Protiviti’s DEI initiatives here.